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Price: $900.00 ex GST

These fingertec biometric time clocks are ideal for employee time & attendance tracking. If you are looking for an affordable, reliable and simple biometrics time attendance clock, TA500 is your ultimate choice. The TA500 devices provides added fingerprint verification functionality along password verification methods that is guaranteed to provide you with security and peace-of-mind. Honest and error-free data is always at your fingertips! The TA500 fingerprint time clocks come with our TCMS V3 Software for accurate recording of employee time & attendance. You can connect the clock to your computer via network cable or you can use a USB Drive to collect data from the device and transfer to your computer.

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Price: $1500.00 ex GST

Easy Clocking Xenio500 with WIFI* is the employee time clock re-invented. The Xenio500 with WIFI* Biometric Time Clock was designed for medium to low traffic environments. With the Easy Clocking Fingerprint Time Clocks you can track Employee’s Time and Attendance with the touch of a finger. Biometric fingerprint authentication is the most accurate way to collect employee time and attendance data. The Easy Clocking Time Clock Xenio500 with WIFI* verifies an employee identity based on the characteristics of their fingerprint. Xenio500 with WIFI* Employee Time Clocks read the fingerprint characteristics that are beneath the surface of the skin. Easy Clocking Biometric Time Clocks are able to collect and process biometric images in a manner that makes fingerprint authentication and identification more robust, more inclusive and more reliable that other fingerprint sensors.

*Wifi option allows connections to your wireless router. This does not relate to Wifi internet such as NextG/4G.

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Price: Please Call

The Easy Clocking EC200WIFI biometric time clock is our basic edition employees time clock designed for small business. This employee time clock was designed to work in clean environments. Easy to read 3.2" LCD Display User alert voice prompts With Real-Time you see who's clocked in and out the moment it happens. This WIFI time clock can also be connected to your computer via network cable or you can use a USB flash memory stick to collect data and transfer to your computer.

*Wifi option allows connections to your wireless router. This does not relate to Wifi internet such as NextG/4G.

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SEIKO QR-395 Calculating Time Clock

Price: $750.00 ex GST

Employee Time Clock Consecutive IN/OUT Time & Attendance system Suitable for 1 - 100 Employees Digital Clock Optional Battery Backup for operation without power

This is a stylish electronic employee time clock. This digital electronic time clock is ideal for employee time & attendance tracking. It includes an unlimited number of punches per day. Also includes automatic card feeding and ejecting.

With black printing this will be a reliable clock for your employee time tracking to speed up payroll processing.